How Much Does a Yellowstone Park Pass Cost?

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If you are planning a vacation to Yellowstone then I am sure that you are wanting to know how much it costs to enter the Park? The good news for you is that it is going to cost you much less than taking your family to Disney Land. In fact the entrance fee is per vehicle not per person, and it is good for seven days. An advance reservation for Yellowstone park passes is not required for you to enter the park. Below, I have included the pricing for the different passes available at Yellowstone.

Private Noncommercial Vehicle: $20.00
Entering by Foot or Bike: $12.00
Park Annual Pass: $50.00

The annual pass is good for twelve months and can be purchased at one of the park entrances. This is only valid when the pass holder is present and if you are traveling in a private non-commercial vehicle. In other words you can’t give the card to a friend or family member to use as they will check your ID upon entering the park. This pass can also be used at Grand Teton National Park.

Inter agency Annual Pass: $80.00

This pass will allow you to enter most federal recreation sites all across the country. It will last for one year upon purchase and is only valid for private non-commercial vehicles. If you plan on doing some traveling this year and visit more than one national park this might save you some money.

Inter agency Senior Pass: $10.00

If you have made it to 62 years of age or older you are in luck as you can buy the senior pass for only ten dollars and it is a lifetime pass. If you want to get one of these passes you must get one in person at a park entrance or visitor center. This pass is only available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Inter agency Access Pass: Free

This pass is free for citizens or permanent U.S. residents that have a permanent disability or are blind.

I hope that this information has been helpful. Take a look around the site we have provided lots of helpful information about Yellowstone. For example, if you are looking for Yellowstone hotels in the park we have provided suggestions to help you with this. We also provide insider tips, things like how to see a bear in Yellowstone. Have fun and enjoy your vacation.