What to Do in Salt Lake City Utah and The Surrounding Area

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What are fun things to do in UtahIf you are visiting Utah anytime soon then the question of what to do in Salt Lake City Utah is probably top of mind. I have written this post from the mindset of what would I tell a friend if they were visiting the area and wanted me to provide some suggestions of fun things to do. The Salt Lake City area has many activities for you to consider. I have listed just a few suggestions and hope you have fun on your trip to Utah.

Skiing and Snowboarding
When you think of you Utah I am sure that you think of skiing. The skiing here is fantastic! It is so good that many referrer to the snow as “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. Utah is unique to other premier ski destinations in many ways. Perhaps the most significant is the access to the resorts. You can literally hop off a plane catch a taxi and be on the slops in about thirty minuets.

Hiking and Mountain Biking
The majestic rocky mountains make for some amazing hiking and mountain biking. If you like to hike then you will love Utah as there are numerous trails for you to explore in the greater Salt Lake City area. What makes Utah unique from other popular hiking destination is the diversity in landsacpe waiting to be explored. The contrast in the terrain is dramatic. For example, most of the hiking and biking trails will be found in the rocky monountains. However in southern Utah you will have access to some of the worlds most majestic redrock landscape where there are endless networks of trail systems that are worth exploring.

Many of the ski resorts are open to mountain bikers during the summer. These resorts allow you to attach your bike to the lift and ride the lift to the top of the mountain. So if you are a downhill enthusiast then you will definitely what to take advantage of the ride up the mountain.

Historic Temple Square
Best things to see in UtahThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has their headquarters in Salt Lake City. Here at Temple Square sits the Salt Lake City Temple, it is a magnificent building and I highly recommend that you take the time to visit the historic square. If you are a history buff then you might be interested to know that it took the church 40 years to build the Temple. The world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir practices and performs here on the property. During the Christmas holidays the church lights up the square with countless outdoor lights. It is a marvelous sight and for many in the area it is a tradition to come see the lights every holiday season.

Hogle Zoo
Located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon the Zoo is one of Utah’s most visited attractions. It has been in operation since 1931 and is definitely one of the states treasures. The Zoo sits on 42 acres of natural habitation and is sure to be an activity that the whole family will enjoy. The summer hours are 9-5 and the season runs from March 1st –October 31st.

Red Butte Garden
This is Utah’s only Arboretum garden. The park is wonderful with 11 themed botanical gardens for you to explore. Check the schedule when you are in town as the garden does put on summer garden concerts that are tons of fun. The garden is open year-round seven days a week. The hours of operation are 9:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Gateway Plaza
If you want to shop until you drop then the Gateway plaza is just right for you. The plaza is a outdoor shopping district. There are tons of stores here for you to visit. Everything from GAP to the APPLE computer store is here at the plaza. Also, you will have access to restaurants, and a top rated movie theater.

Park City
An old mining town turned luxury ski destination there is plenty to do in Park City. The city is only twenty minutes from Salt Lake City and is located between three world-class ski resorts. The City is also notably known for the Sundance Film Festival where many independent films are introduced to the public for the first time. The city is great for shopping and dinning as there are many fantastic restaurants. If you are there during the summer I recommend that you take the time to visit the alpine slide. It is a real rush as you are fastened to a small sled at the top of the mountain and gravity does the rest. For the more conservative folks the sleds have breaks and you can control your speed.

Clark Planetarium
The planetarium is a great place to learn about our universe. If you like astrology then you will love this planetarium. My favorite thing to do here is the laser light shows. The shows are fantastic as they are set to the music of bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. They use state of the art projection system and 13,000 watts of digital surround sound. The planetarium has an IMAX theater and will show some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

This is an amusement park about twenty minutes north of Salt Lake. If you have kids I am sure that they will have fun. It’s not Disney Land and the lines can get long at times. It’s very much a tradition for many Utahans’ to visit the park during the summer. Lagoon is open from May through October. Make sure you check the hours of operation and days open. In the fall after school starts the park is only open on the weekends.

Rocky Mountain Raceway
If you love the heart pounding, adrenaline pulsing thrill of auto racing then you will be right at home here at the raceway. The track is a 3/8 mile track with both figure eight and drag strip races. The track host sprint cars, super stock, street stock, and mini stock. If you want to take the whole family to the race take comfort in knowing that the park caters to families as they offer non-smoking/no-alcohol sections.

Utah Jazz
I highly recommend that you go to a Jazz game. I promise you will have a great time. The fans can get very loud and it creates for a really fun environment. Energy Solutions Arena where the Jazz play is known around the league as one of the loudest arenas in the NBA. The arena is very easy to access as it is conveniently located in Salt Lake.

As you can see there are many things to do in the area. If you had the question of what to do in Salt Lake City Utah I am sure that you would agree there are many fun and exciting activities for you to consider. I hope this post has been helpful if so please tell a friend about YourTation. We have lots of great travel information and advice.

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