Best Ways To Save Money On Hotels For The Frugal Traveler

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How to save money on your next hotel stayIn an economy with an ever increasing cost of living people are looking for more ways to save money in their day to day lives. Travel is one area where a lot of money can easily be spent in a short amount of time, which is why people are actively searching for the best ways to save money on hotels to help ease the pain on their wallet during their travels.

There are a few things you can do to help significantly cut costs on your hotel expenses for the next time you travel.

First, don’t simply accept the first set of numbers a hotel throws your way when you walk up to the front desk. Luxury hotels and even moderate hotels are becoming alarmingly more expensive, especially if you are willing to whip out the card and pay without giving any thought to their rates. From this point on, make it a goal to never walk into a hotel and ask for a room on the spot, as you will almost always find yourself spending more than you bargain for.

The first thing you can do to help cut your hotel expenses is to simply stay two or more nights at the same hotel. This will often result a significant savings or in some cases a rebate of some sort. This will also save you money on booking fees, as they are generally the same for just one night as they are for two or more. Booking your hotel in a package deal with airfare or as a part of a tour package will also cut your overall expenses a respectable amount. Package deals are a great way to save money and you will often times find that the quality of the hotel offered in these packages are top notch.

Another step you can take to cut your hotel expenses is to visit various travel websites. Many of them are able to offer exclusive rates or discounts of the standard list price. This especially applies to high traffic tourist destinations. In addition to websites, if you own a smart phone there are several apps that will also dig up great deals on local hotels, and many of these apps are free themselves and do more than just find good rates.

Finally, be sure you use a travel card club if you have one, such as an AAA card. This will often times immediately knock of 10% or more off the original price of the hotel no questions asked. Some hotels also offer frequent visitor clubs where a free night can be awarded after so many nights. These are all some of the best ways to save money on hotels, so be sure to follow the advice laid out here during your next travels and you will be pleasantly surprised at your new found savings.