Dog Boarding and Separation Anxiety Helpful Information For Those Who Love To Travel

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Dog Boarding and Pet AnxietyNo pet owner enjoys having to resort to dog boarding when they have plans to be away from home for a lengthy amount of time. Often times owners may feel that their furry little friends may take it as a form of punishment and will feel regretful of using dog boarding to look after their pets while away.

This article will help to clarify if pets feel any type of separation anxiety while you’re gone, how it manifests, and what you can do to help your dog feel less anxious during this time.

The primary concern pet owners have is whether or not their dogs are feeling any type of separation anxiety being in a strange place away from their owner. The truth is that dogs are intelligent creatures and they often will feel some form of separation anxiety while being left for any length of time in a new environment without their owner. This anxiety is not the same as the type of anxiety a human being may feel, however in one form or another some type of anxiety will exist inside the mind of your dog.

The biggest trigger for this anxiety in your dog likely comes from the combination of being separated from each other and being in a strange environment, particularly in a cage or kennel. Your dog may feel increasingly anxious as time passes after you initially leave, however after becoming accustomed to the cage and realizing food and water is still readily available, the dog will begin to relax somewhat after a couple days. As a dog owner, there are certain steps you can take to ensure your dogs separation anxiety is minimal during your away time.

The first thing you can do to help is to leave a couple of toys with your dog which contain your scent on them. This will serve as a reminder to the dog every time it catches a whiff on the toy during a stressful period in the cage. It is also recommended to leave blankets or other items which you feel may help comfort the dog while you are gone.

Second, before leaving the dog for a long period of time in a cage it is advisable to first try shorter mini-trips to a cage in your home. Many dogs dislike the idea of going inside of a cage or kennel and will avoid them. Getting the dog to enter for just a few minutes at a time will help relax the dog before you need it to enter the cage for a long period of time. Any attempt to make the dog comfortable with a cage is going to help relieve stress at the boarding facility.

Finally, if possible have a friend the dog recognizes pick him up from the kennel once or twice during while you are gone to give it a walk. Many times people do not feel comfortable asking a neighbor or friend to care for the dog for an entire week or more, however asking to take the dog for a walk once or twice while away is completely within reason.

Other than some simple small things such as those lifted above, there isn’t a whole lot an owner can do to relieve the separation anxiety in your dog completely. Following these steps will help to minimize the stress your dog may undergo during your leave.