Top 5 Best Beaches in Maui

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Top Maui BeachesFinding the 5 best beaches in Maui is near impossible—not for lack of choice, but an almost overwhelming abundance of options. Different beach-goers have different expectations. But the quality of all the beaches in Maui is so high and with so many going to enjoy them, one quality stands out: surf and sand untouched by tourists gone wild. So with that criterion in mind and without further adieu (aloha?), here are the top rated beaches in Maui for the peace and quiet of a perfect tropical escape:

Hamoa Located on the eastern coast of the island, Hamoa is at a distance from other beaches on the same coast. The crescent-shaped beach is only 100-feet long, nestled below black volcanic cliffs. The waves here are great for bodysurfing, and the sands are peacefully bereft of tourists.

Maluaka Probably the most “touristy” of the beaches on this list, Maluaka is just off two hotels, but you wouldn’t know it. Sandwiched between two parking lots, the small beach dips out of sight, making it less of a target for passing motorists. Come here for the calm waters perfect for floating freely among the abundant sea life.

Koki A dip nearer to the shore is safe but any swimming, body boarding, or surfing out deep are recommended only for the most intrepid. So why go here? This east coast beach is tucked away from the crowds and serves you up to the rays—a patch of paradise for worshippers of the Sun.

Chang’s If the sign of a good beach is where the locals go, then Chang’s is the clear winner. Near Kalama Park but hardly visited by tourists, locals come here to sit in the Sun and, when the waves are up to it, to enjoy some of the best local surfing in one of the best Maui beaches.

Makena Landing No lifeguards are posted here and the waters can be a bit rough, but the beach is ideal for the outdoorsy types. Locals and some visitors use the Landing alike for kayaking, fishing, and even diving. The water here is clear enough that, as you pass by in your skiff, you can reach out and touch the plentiful sea turtles.

Now that you know the top 5 best beaches in Maui that are far from the madding crowd, you’ll probably see your Maui beach map with a whole new set of sunglasses. Like the other islands of Hawaii, Maui is a popular beach tourist destination. If you’ve had enough of tourist traps and looking to savor your experience at a beach, then you’re ready for these small gems in the crown of Maui.