Top 6 Best Rides at Disneyland (California)

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Best Rides At DisneylandThe best rides at Disneyland have always been the reason to go. But some rides have stood the test of time because they continue to thrill visitors of all ages year after year, taking their place among the most popular attractions in Disneyland (California).

In no particular order, here are the best rides to go on at Disneyland (California):

Space Mountain Yep, the rollercoaster is famously a fast ride in the dark. Tunnels light up with stars and hyperspace effects, but the draw remains all that speed, no light. Go on Halloween and it changes to Ghost Galaxy, with spooky effects added to all that dark.

Indiana Jones Your group gets in a large jeep and you ride through the famed Temple and caves. The Temple begins to collapse, with even a dart effect just like the movie, and there’s even a cave-in on a rickety bridge. Watch out for the rolling boulder.

Big Thunder Mountain The cutest choo-choo train engine pulls not-so-cute runaway cars full-speed into a collapsing mine. The big attractions of this ride are the twisting turns on the small but treacherous track.

Splash Mountain Starts off in a sort of tunnel of love theme, as you “ooh” and “ahh” at the sites inside from a hollowed out “log”. Don’t get too comfortable, though, because it all quickly gets more challenging, and a lot more wet. Crescendos into a major, and I mean major, drop.

Haunted Mansion You and your group ride through a haunted house. Full of lots of creepy mechanized effects and a chaos of sounds. Some of the scary scenes are below from a distance; some are up close and personal. On the whole a class act as to be expected from Disney. If you’re expecting Jason to jump out of the shadows and charge you with a chainsaw, this ain’t it.

Pirates of the Caribbean The ride was changed substantially to match the movie. You ride through different sets straight out of the movie. Like all of the rides, the animatronic dummies can be convincingly life-like. Jack Sparrow is everywhere; so landlubber fans of the scrubby Captain will come out pleased pirates, savvy?

There you have the best rides at Disneyland (California). Now get out there and join the crowds of millions over the years who’ve been scared, thrilled, wet, shaken, and, now, star-struck.