Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

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Should You Buy Travel InsuranceLike anyone about to go on a long trip, you’re probably wondering should you buy travel insurance. The question is best answered when you first establish what is travel insurance and, once that’s answered, when to buy travel insurance, if at all. Only then after knowing what it means and when you can buy travel insurance will the “should” become apparent.

First of all, what is travel insurance? Travel insurance is purchased at the outset of an extended trip to cover any losses that could be incurred. Your covered travel could be either domestic or international. Plans can differ greatly, but many cover common events: medical emergencies, including death or injury, or funerals; trip cancellation, evacuation of a foreign country, missed connections, lost or stolen luggage, legal assistance and representation, or trip cancellation. As always with any insurance purchase, read the fine print.

If you’re wondering when to buy travel insurance, the easy answer is just before a long trip. Specifically, a good time to buy insurance is before going on a trip that might be dangerous as well as take time. If you’re traveling to a country that’s on the watch list of a government agency or an actual war zone, this might be a good time to buy at least minimal insurance. If you’re traveling anywhere with children, make sure to have them covered as well, before the trip.

Now, should you buy travel insurance? The answer depends on factors such as who’s going where and for how long. Many major credit cards supply limited travel insurance when tickets or travel expenses are paid with their card, so it’s worth it to make a call and check with companies. As mentioned, traveling with children will almost instantly flag you as a good candidate for travel insurance. Any travel involving high-risk activity, including sports or dangerous destinations, also make good occasions to buy travel insurance.

Most people simple aren’t aware that there are options out there to protect them in the event of an emergency away from hearth and home. Travel insurance that covers all types of on-the-road emergencies is there to cover you from the outset of any long trip, whether foreign or domestic. Where you’re going, who’s going with you, and how long you’ll be gone are all-important factors when deciding whether should you buy travel insurance. Whatever your circumstances, decide on their risks and plan for them before buying that ticket.