Top Five Belize Destinations Not To Be Missed

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Top Belize AttractionsBelize vacation ideas are almost an oxymoron, as the entire country lends itself to one equally whole vacation. Popular with history buffs and casual tourists alike, Belize top destinations all combine jaw-dropping vistas of nature with the surprise of Maya history lurking under every jungle brush. Make sure you have a pen handy as you won’t want to miss our top recommendations.

Parts of Belize not to be missed:

Corozal is off the oft-trod tourist path. Whether you’re in Belize for ruin-hunting or beachcombing, the solitary, peaceful feeling in Corozal is a welcome respite from the year-round crowds. The Maya temples of Cerros are here, a Belize nature reserve, and, most peacefully, sleepy fishing villages.

Orange Walk is an area of lush foliage and traversed by the New River, once the major water artery for the Maya. There are major Mayan ruins here, and the surrounding farms grow sugarcane, filling the air with a sweet scent along with the songs of jungle birds. The area gets its name from the orange groves the once lined the great New River.

Cayo has a natural beauty all its own, despite being home to the large city of Belmopan. Great ruins of Maya cities pepper a landscape interspersed with waterfalls, mountains, and rivers. A popular way to enjoy Cayo is touring the ruins by day and heading to the beaches by the setting of the sun.

Stann Creek is famous for its unique mix of culture and adventure. The area runs from the peaks of great Maya mountains to the shorelines of beach sand. The mountains are covered in rain forest, and anyone seeking to explore will hear its call. Campsites abound within the forest for those who can’t resist. The area is justifiably famous for its bird-watching. This is where you’ll satisfy your hunger for the wild.

Toledo is probably the most popular tourist spot, but spacious enough not to see another soul for miles. The area is prominent for its deep caves, the wildlife, of course, and the rain forest. The best-known caves are at Hokeb Ha and Yok Balum, with Tiger Cave good for the beginning spelunker. Among the prominent Maya ruins are Nim Il Punit and Lubaatun.

All around, Belize top destinations combine the deep pull of history woven throughout with the vast canvas of nature at its wildest.