Where is Yellowstone National Park on a Map?

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The combination of volcanic activity, wildlife and history draws tourists to Yellowstone from all parts of the world. Approximately where is yellowstone national park on a map image
three million visitors come to the park each year. There is not another place on earth that marvels this amazing sanctuary of wilderness. Many tourists have the burning question of where is Yellowstone National Park on a map?

As you can see I have included a map of Yellowstone in this post. I was able to get the map from a Google map app on my cell phone.

This app is really cool. All you do is insert some basic information and the application will download a map right to your cell phone. So if you get lost easy this might be a great tool for you to consider!

Yellowstone spans across three states including Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The vast majority of the park is located in Wyoming 96% to be exact. Idaho and Montana only account for about 4% of America’s first national park.

There are five entrances to the park for you to consider when planning your vacation. I have listed all of the park entrances as well as the nearest city to each entrance.

North East Entrance
Located near Gardiner Montana this entrance is open year-round to automobiles. This is only entrance in the park that is open all year.

West Entrance
The town of West Yellowstone is where you will have access to the west entrance to the park. This gate is open to automobiles from mid April through the first week in November.

South Entrance
The nearest city to this entrance is Jackson Hole Wyoming. This entrance is open to automobiles from early May through the first Sunday in November.

East Entrance
Cody Wyoming is the closest city to this entrance. This entrance is also open from early May through the first Sunday in November.

Northeast Entrance
Located near Cooke City Montana the opening dates for this entrance is dependent on the weather and varies from year to year. Here automobiles have access to the park year-round via the North Entrance.

By now you should have a better understanding of the makeup of Yellowstone. If you had the question where is Yellowstone National Park on a map before coming to the site you now have your answer. For additional help planning your vacation take a look around the site as we have lots of helpful information. Have fun on your vacation and enjoy this magical part of the world.

Here’s a cool short video of Yellowstone courtesy of National Geographic that I thought you might like to see!


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