A List of Yellowstone Hotels In The Park For Your Consideration

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Yellowstone Hotels in The ParkAre you going to Yellowstone? If you are then the obvious question on your mind would be what Yellowstone hotels in the park are worth the stay? We have all had the vacation where the hotel accommodations didn’t quite live up to our standards. I am sure you would agree that when this happens it is incredibly disappointing and can really set the tone for your vacation experience.

For your convenience I have listed the names of the hotels that are located inside the park. I have also included GPS coordinates and a brief summary of each property. Having this information allows you to research each property so that you can book the hotel that best meets your needs.

Yellowstone Canyon Lodge and Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44 44.063 W 110 29.385
There are two lodges here as well as multiplex cabin style units. This area is very close to the Grand Canyon of the park. In the main lodge you will have access to a full service restaurant and cafeteria. There is also a gift shop and small deli. If you are considering a horseback expedition you can book a trip here at the property.

Grants Village:

GPS Coordinates N 44 23.396 W 110 33.370
The village has six two story buildings and was named after Ulyssess S. Grant who designated Yellowstone as our countries first national park. It is located twenty miles from Old Faithful on the southwestern shore of Lake Yellowstone. There are two restaurants located hear for you to enjoy.

Lake Lodge Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44 33.300 W 110 23.729
This is a family friendly atmosphere with cafeteria dinning and inviting cabins. You will find a wonderful lobby with two fireplaces and a gift shop. Just hanging out an meeting new people by the enchanting fireplaces is lots of fun for the socialites. There are three styles of cabins for you to consider; western, pioneer and frontier.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44 33.005 W 110 24.084
This property sits on the shore of Yellowstone Lake. It is actually listed on the Register of Historic Places. You will be surrounded with a 1920’s ambiance here at the hotel. There is also an adjacent property with more basic and affordable options. These more affordable cabins were built in the 1920’s and were remodeled in 2003. You will find here a very nice restaurant for your enjoyment with a extravagant menu.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44 58.572 W 110 42.098
The Mammoth area is where visitors in the early days began their park experience. This is a great place to see and take pictures of Elk. There are many different styles of rooms for you to consider. Here you will have access to luxury suites as well as a more rugged experience in a room without a bath. Don’t worry if you like taking showers you will have access to private showers down the hall.

Old Faithful Inn:

GPS Coordinates N 44 27.606 W 110 49.823
This is the most requested lodging facility in the park. It is a national historic landmark. The lodge is rustic in style and is truly a remarkable building. I love the architect’s utilization of curvy log-pole pines found throughout the structure. Here you will have access to a full service restaurant, deli, and gift shop. If you would like a tour of the historic building they are available.

Old Faithful Lodge Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44. 27.561 W 110 49.584
This is also a historic building that is located near the Old Faithful Inn. The views of Old Faithful Geyser are amazing and can be seen from the bakery and cafeteria. If you like to shop you’re in luck as there is a gift shop here for you to explore.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44 27.387 W 110 49.777
This property was completed in 1999 and is the newest of the full service hotels nestled in the boundaries of Yellowstone. There is a full service dining room, grill and gift shop on the property. The property is one of two hotels that are open during the winter. The structure of the hotel is comprised with heavy timber, exterior log columns and cedar shingle roof. You can stay in the lodge or the “Frontier Cabins”. The cabins are comfortable but simple. They are your typical duplex motel-style rooms.

Roosevelt Lodge & Cabins:

GPS Coordinates N 44 54.760 W 110 24.990
This property was named after Theodor Roosevelt who frequented the park often. This property was built in 1916 and is very rustic. Family style dinning is available on the property. Here you can go horseback riding or take a stagecoach adventure. They offer an old west dinner cookout that is lots of fun.

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