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Best Travel PodcastsHi welcome to Yourtation podcasts. Our goal is to provide a venue were travelers can come and listen to the best travel podcasts available. We will be interviewing tourist just like you who have traveled to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Have fun listening to these tourists tell you about their amazing vacations.

Our shows will also provide information on things like how to save money on airfare as well as how to save money on hotels and rental cars. It seems like every vacation that I take I always come away saying “That was fun but it was sure expensive. I would love to do it again but next time I will do it a little different to cut the cost”. This is the type of valuable insight that the Yourtation podcasts are designed to uncover. If we come across any useful tips that will help you save a few bucks on your next vacation we will definitely share these ideas with you through our podcasts.

If you are like me, you like to talk with someone who has actually been to area where you are planning on taking a vacation. These individuals can provide invaluable insight. They can tell you what they liked most about their trip. They might even share a few ideas that you had not considered. They often have good advice on how to save money on your vacation. Also, they can tell you things like great restaurants to consider, nice hotels to stay, and unique bed-n-breakfasts accomdations.

If you have any suggestions for future podcast please let us know. We want to provide our readers with the type of information that is most valuable to them. If you have recently been on an amazing vacation and would like to be interviewed about your experience please leave a comment in our comment section with a way to get in contact with you. Also, if you have a special expertise in a specific popular vacation area let us know as we would love to interview you and share your knowledge with our followers.

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Disney’s Newest Ship The “Dream”
I just returned home from a 5 day amazing crusise on the Disney Dream. I want to share with your what I learned about the ship. Take a listen and be better prepared for you voyage on the Dream.

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Best Things to Do In Yellowstone!
Yellowstone is one of my favorite places in the world. I have been going there for many many years. If you are planing a vacation to Yellowstone National Park you won’t want to miss this. I will be discussing best things to do and see in Yellowstone. Take a listen!